Reaprendentia offers several programs both in-classroom, distance-learning, and blended formats.
For details on any of the programs and classes below, please follow the links below or contact us.

Fundamentals in Consciousness Evolution – FCE

This program presents fundamental concepts of conscientiology in a practical way and using modern teaching techniques.

The key objectives of the program are:

  1. To offer a theoretical foundation on conscientiology;
  2. To explain how to apply this foundation in practice, in your own individual context, without mysticism;
  3. To explain psychic phenomena and how they relate to consciousness evolution;
  4. To explain techniques for psychic development and promote personal experiences with other dimensions in practical exercises;
  5. To encourage the participant to apply the disbelief principle while accumulating experiences with non-physical dimension;

Erudition Acceleration Program – EAP

This program was created to increase the erudition of instructors, researchers and students of conscientiology and other sciences.

Several of conscientiology concepts either reference or built on knowledge from many sources and from different points in history. Cultivating a polymath erudition can help in understanding conscientiology as you will be able to see more clearly where its ideas are similar, opposing, or completely new when compared to concepts proposed throughout history.

With that in mind, EAP participants study and debate several topics, including classical works that are part of the foundations of human knowledge.


  1. Reading and debate.
  2. Erudition workshops focused on techniques for knowledge acquisition and pro-erudition habits.
  3. Technical laboratories of reading and studying.
  4. Cultural workshops.
  5. Study of historical and cultural movies.

Scientific Activities Program

This program aims at fostering and qualifying research, teaching, and dissemination of Parapedagogy, Reeducaciology, and Erudiciology through the promotion of scientific events, debates, and publications.

Among the events of this program, the highlights are the Consciential Reeducation Week, the Conscientiological Education Symposium, The International Congress of Parapedagogy, The Symposium of Parapedagogy, The Reeducation Symposium, and the Historical Educator Symposium.

Conscientiology Instructor Development Course – CIDC

The CIDC was created to develop conscientiology instructors, both new and experienced ones. This program is based on parapedagogy and aims at developing and improving key skills needed for the exercise of conscientiological teaching.

Thematic Courses

  1. Conscientiology Instructor Development Course (12 months)
  2. Conscientiology Pre-Class
  3. Conscientiology Teaching and Parapedagogical Praxis Cycle
  4. Conscientiological Itinerancy
  5. Strength of Presence Development
  6. Altered States of Consciousness for Conscientiology Instructors


  1. Parapedagogical Activities
  2. Class Plan Workshop
  3. Argumentation and Debate Workshop
  4. Applying science to self-study an the study of the disbelief principle.
  5. Paraeducator Formation Activities
  6. Conscientiology Class Marathon
  7. Conscientiology Quiz-Debate


Orientations on Basic Mobilization of Energies for Conscientiology Instructors.

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