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Who am I? This question everyone comes across at some point in his life.

Since childhood we, as a consciousness, are shaped by a lot of factors. To name a few:

  • the family, we are born into
  • the culture(s), we get in contact with
  • our personality
  • our education
  • the circumstances in life
  • the people we meet
  • our experiences
  • our beliefs, which creates our past and having influence on our future decisions.

We could say society tells us what we need to have and to do for having a good life. But sometimes we feel that this is not what we are here for and what makes us feel really fulfilled. We feel shallow and we start rethinking our values and life, searching for our purpose in life.

To create change we sometimes need to unlearn what we have learned so far and relearn what is important for us to grow as an individual: At this point we start to reeducate ourselves.


Reeducation means to find ways to facilitate an education supporting the evolution of the consciousness.

Neuroscience tells us that our brain is constructed in a way and that tends to go for the same strategies of problem solving we already learned and which worked out fine in the past. Repetition does not take too much energy from us, and it often brings similar results, and all this is fine for everyday routines.

If we want to develop and learn something new, however, this means that we need to invest some effort for creating new synaptic connections and make the changes we want. But on the other hand, Neuroscience also found that the brain has a high level of plasticity. Neuroplasticity means that even in middle or old age, the brain still adapts very actively to its environment. This is good news if we want to rethink even more complex decision making and life designs. And if we take multidimensionality into account things are getting even more complex.

Considering that we all are here to advance in our personal development reeducation is crucial along our way. The conscientiological specialty Reeducatiology is focused on finding the best ways to REAPRENDER (Portuguese), which means to relearn and help people to grow.

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself


Research and teaching at REAPRENDENTIA is therefore based on questions like:

  • What facilitates us as a consciousness to reeducate ourselves?
  • What do we need to unlearn attitudes, which does not serve our development any longer and how to get rid of these obstacles?
  • What do we need to relearn in order to fulfill our life purpose?
  • What could we do to unblock and balance our energies (link to VS) and to have original new ideas, which makes this planet a better place?
  • How could we learn to derepress ourselves in terms of our holosoma from undesirable influences?
  • How could we develop consciential autonomy and self-knowledge?
  • How could we connect to positive energies and dimensions (link to Thosenes and/or Helpers) and therefore improve our life and our relationships?

The approach used by REAPRENDENTIA is, in essence, to offer courses that enable the student to gain knowledge, self-knowledge, and first hand experiences.

The Disbelief Principle encourages people to invest in personal self-knowledge through self-experimentation. Self-knowledge is key for our self-reeducation.

Learn how to unlearn and to relearn for fostering your personal, multidimensional development.

Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.

Regina Tschud
Regina is an instructor and researcher of conscientiology based in Germany. Her areas of study include parareurbanization and consciential reeducation.

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