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Controlling our bioenergies means that we can use our energosoma at will when interacting with others and with our surroundings.

A person may have a lot of energy, but may have no idea how to use it when trying to change the energy atmosphere at work. Another person, with more energy control, can sense e.g. a pattern of hopelessness and victimization that is hurting the team spirit, and use energies to imprint a more productive, positive pattern.

Someone that interacts with the public in the front-desk of a busy reception could start the day with a lot of energies and end it with the energosoma completely drained, something that is often associated with a lack of energy control. Each customer would walk away with a bit of energy, leaving the front-desk person with an energetic deficit after each interaction.

We can help others by giving them energies at will when we have energy control. A friend recovering at the hospital or a relative going through a tough time could benefit from receiving energies from us, especially if we are able to send our energies at will.

Disconnecting energetically is another aspect of energy control. Energy is an integral part of human communication and it tends to have lingering effects.

After a difficult discussion with a co-worker, we may keep some of the energies charged with the emotions experienced during the exchange, energies that would linger in our energy field and make it harder to “disconnect” from the issue. The effect could last hours or even days. Some people can instinctively cleanse their own energy field by taking a walk in nature or watching a movie, taking their mind off the issue.

Energy work could accelerate the “disconnection” process and allow us to remove unwanted energies from our own energy field and from our surroundings.

The exteriorization of energies, absorption of energies, the closed circuit of energies, and the vibrational state are techniques that can improve several aspects of your bioenergy life and the health of our energosoma.

Practicing energy techniques will help you:

  1. Achieve a better control of your own energies
  2. Manage the quantity of energies available in your energosoma
  3. Increase the quality of the energies you send out
  4. Control the influence that external energies have on you.

Now, please watch the second video to learn more about bioenergies!

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