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The Personal Exemplarism Principle – PEP – is the evolved condition of living and giving examples of consciential maturity in all areas of manifestation. This principle is fundamental in conscientiology teaching and this post presents a draft translation of the corresponding entry in Portuguese of the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology. This entry was written by Waldo Vieira.

The text is written for an audience with knowledge of conscientiology fundamentals, no detailed explanations. Feel free to ask us questions by e-mail or bring up this topic in one of our webinars.

Click here to view or download the encyclopedia entry for Personal Exemplarism Principle.

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Rodrigo Medeiros
Rodrigo Medeiros is a researcher, author and instructor of conscientiology – a neoscience of consciousness. He has created the “Clairvoyance Workshop” and authored the book "Paravision: Theory and Practice of Visual Clairvoyance", presenting practical techniques to develop the ability to see auras, energies, and other dimensions. For over two decades Rodrigo taught classes in Europe, USA, Brasil and Mexico, published articles and presented in debates and scientific events dedicated to the exploration of psychic abilities, self-knowledge, and consciousness research. Rodrigo volunteers for Reaprendentia and currently lives in London where he continues to research and teach techniques to produce personal experiences with psychic abilities. His main focus is extracting deeper self-knowledge and personal growth from such experiences.

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