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Conscientiology is a science of consciousness, and it aims at understanding the evolution of consciousness across many lives and many dimensions.

  • The courses are well organized, instructors are knowledgeable, and contents really help you understand parapsychic phenomena and it's relation with self research. Totally recommend it.

    Douglas P. London, UK.
  • Conscientiology classes were very important for me, since I was able to better understand my full potential. I had many experiences in my life that I was never able to understand and now it all makes sense. The classes were very informative and I particularly liked the practical exercises with energies.

    Pamela G. Mexico City, Mexico
  • Reaprendentia classes were very helpful for me. I had this anxiety in understanding why we are here in this planet, what is all this about, and I learned so many interesting ideas and theories that now I am able to deal with my questions in a more productive way for my life. I loved the classes!

    Evelyn M. Stockholm, Sweden
  • Reaprendentia is a great school to learn and practice out of body experiences techniques and bioenergetic exercises. The instructors were very helpful, and dedicated to assist us in any doubts, questions or concerns. I truly recommend this organization to anyone that wants to learn in a scientific yet warm and friendly environment.

    Isabelle U. Helsinki, Finland

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